Tags can be created with automation or via bulk import. 


Step 1: Create a tag category

On Company page, select the Tags tab. Once on this tab, select the tab called "tags categories". Choose a name and a color to your tag category. Select the button "new".

My tag category is now created

Step 2: Create a tag 

Select the tab called "tags". Insert a name and select a category assigned to your new tag. Select the button "new". 

My new tag is now created. I can now see the color and the category assigned to my new tag.

Step 3: Create your own tagging rule 

Select the tab called "tags automation". Choose a name and the affected tag to your rule. Select the button "new".
Continue by choosing the asset class and the available rule. Click on "add" to detail your rule and save.

My new rule is now created. I can now see the name of the rule I just created, with the asset class and the tag that are associated to it. 

This example would mean that all the bonds coming from the Oil&Gas industry will be automatically tagged by the machine with the tag "Oil & Gas" in the rule called "Oil & Gas industry" in the category in light purple "London team". Please note that only administrators can edit tags and rules. 


  1. Go to My Account / Company / Global Consolidation 
  2. Use the filters to export all portfolio positions. You will receive a file with all your positions including a column. 
  3. Open the file and edit the tag column. Save and re import it.
  4. Go to My Account / company / Custom Security 
  5. Click on Bulk Import, select the modified file and click on Save. 

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