Our favourite page, from Opportunity, you can prioritise which client to call first. Filter by investment thematics and react quickly by calling, sending a message or even blast a "bulk email" to an hyper targeted list of clients.

You will not see the clients' name / pseudonym on App page but on this one. Therefore you can use App as a sharing playground with your clients. 

What can I do here?

  • Which client to call first 
  • Which portfolio are drifting 
  • Which client hold forbidden securities ( excluded from a compliance list linked to a portfolio) 
  • Which client is the most active 
  • Smart views
  • Easy access to Call Report and Call / Email functions
  • Blast message to hyper-targeted clients' list

You can select the column to create your own smart lists. 

Click on Actions 

Add a column. 

From the drop down select which column fields you wish to add, then click on save. Mouse over any column to see the three lines. Click on it. 

Select the 9 dots picture and select columns you wish to show. 

Click on the tick box to make them visible. Remember to click on save to your smart lists.

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