You can pre-check your advice with the Investutors or when you export a PDF to build an investment illustration. The chain passes through several steps of filtering. You will find their distinctive notification icons.

  1. Compliance List > 🚫
  2. Strategy or Model Portfolio > ⚠️
  3. Customer's KYC > ⚠️
  4. Hyper target with relevancy > ✔️ 
  5. Pre-advice 
  6. Publish illustration 
  7. Share illustration 
  8. Collect trading data for pending position and concentration breach flagging > ⚠️

Suitability fields can be upload in clients' KYC. KYC fields include :
Preferred Stop Loss
Preferred Take Profit
Preferred Take Profit
Maximum Security Allocation Per Portfolio
Maximum Issuer Concentration Per Portfolio
Maximum Product Participation
Maximum SRRI
Expected Yearly Volatility
Maximum Drawdown
Prefered Strategy - Industries
Prefered Strategy - Asset Classes
Prefered Strategy - Currencies
Prefered Strategy - Countries
Excluded Investment Products
Research Annual budget

At each step of your InvestGlass experience those suitability flags will appear. You can also order automatic upload for compliance matter. 

For more information please contact us.  🙋 

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