From your Portfolios: 

1) Click on Portfolios

2) Click on your Client Name

3) Select the desired portfolio in the drop-down menu on the top left of the page

4) Download your investment proposal by clicking on the blue button Export PDFFrom Single Security Screener: 

1) Click on Markets

2) Find your interesting security and go to its detail page by clicking on its name

3) Click on Export PDF in right top 

4) Enter you Investment Rationales

5) Click on Export to download your Investment Proposal

From Discretionary Mandate Profiler:

1) Go to Apps

2) Click on Start DM Profiler

3) Answer the form

4) Click on Generate

5) An Investment Profile will be suggested, according to the customer's answers

6) You can optionally change the selected Investment Profile

7) Click on Export PDF  to download your Investment Proposal


Note: Discretionary Mandate Profiler is not available for all companies. Please contact us at contact @ if you want your customized profiler. 

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