In the old days of InvestGlass we would invite you to use the tags to classify your contacts to link them to a business introducer. You can now link a contact to another contact and this is how you do this.

  1. Create a contact ( a prospect ) 
  2. Create a second contact ( a business introducer )
  3. Go back to your contact and click on EDIT KYC where you will find this field. Business Introducers. You can make this field mandatory.You can link a contact to one or more business introducers.

4. Click on Save.
This information will appear in the CRM under Profile Information.

5. To visualise business introducers field in Opportunities. Go to Opportunities and click on Actions.

6. Click on Add Column.

7. Select Business Introducers column, click on Add, then click on Save. 

8. Click on any column header and the three horizontal lines.

9. Click on the 9 dots to select visible columns

9. Select Business Introducers. Tick the box. Then click on Actions Save View

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