Personalized navigation in InvestGlass is quite similar to set widgets. .

  1. Go My Account 
  2. Go to Company 
  3. Scroll down to Portal App
  4. Select Navigation Menu

Here you can set visibility for employees' group and on client portal via tags

You can add granular items, like a Portfolio for wealth managers but not for fund sales etc... Simply select which tab you wish to make visible by clicking on Add arrow. You can now set the order in the navigation by selecting one item and clicking on Up or Down arrow.

To add a new granularity for an employee group, create a employee group first. 

To add a new granularity for client portal, click on Add Tag. Only one tag can be added.

Apps can include InvestGlass standard apps, custom apps, and connected apps to InvestGlass API. Please contact us to connect to a new application with single sign-on.

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