Calendar is a key InvestGlass feature - when you have to meet with a prospect you can use a share InvestGlass calendar. InvestGlass Calendar will automatically notify all the attendees and related lead/contact. 

You can add an appointment,

  1. From My Appointments & Tasks
  2. From the details page of leads, contacts and accounts 
  3. From the list view page of leads, contacts and accounts 
  4. After a Phone call
  5. From the Quick Add button in the CRM 

You will find minimum fields to fill such as event name, time. If you select repeating mode with Repeat. The event will run until the end date. For exemple if you wish to a weekly repetition on Monday and select an end time in one month, event will be repeated four times...

Event can be recorded into client portal or directly sent via email. We suggest you to use Tags to build subscription lists. 

Conference link, and description will be added to the event. 


If you select to share attendees' names with everyone then everyone will see the names of participants. 

If you send invitation via email, please make sure that your own terms of services are GDPR compliant and that you enforce GDPR within your company. If you need information about data processing agreements and GDPR please contact us. 

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