1. Setup the recording frequency

If you are connected to a portfolio management system source, you should setup InvestGlass recording frequency for positions and transactions.  

Go to My Account
Go to Company
Go to Setting

Here you can change the portfolio snapshot frequency which will offer export transactions time lapse option. 

2. Export all positions and transactions 

Go to My Account
Go to Company
Go to Global Consolidation 

Here you can download in CSV or PDF format all transactions and positions 

Click on transactions to export CSV transactions history.  

3. Export one portfolio positions or transactions 

Go to a portfolio 

Click on Actions to select the format you wish to export this data. 

Export PDF to export a PDF format of the current portfolio. You can select transactions history for a specific time lapse.

Export positions into a CSV format.

Export transaction in to a CSV format. 

Export into the trade blotter format. 

4. Customisations 

You can customise your PDF template (read more) pie charts, logo (read more) and also add options such as transactions history and portfolio view as of selected dates. 

For additional formatting please contact our team via email : contact @investglass.com.

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