Resetting client passwords in InvestGlass can be done in different ways depending on what type of portal access is granted. There are two types of portal access: with email and username only.

The type of access granted to the portal can be changed at any time if you want to change the way that the client can reset its password.

Portal access with email:

When a client is granted portal access with its email adress then the client itself is in charge over the process of reseting its password just as you would with any other modern day webpage. You simply go to login page and click the button for 'forgot password' and then follow the instructions.

Portal access without email, username only:

When a client is granted portal access without its authentic email to ensure an extra layer on protection, the client can no longer control the reset password process as above. Instead, the client lets its manager know that the password needs to be restored and the manager of the client logs in to the portal, goes in to the affected contact by clicking on its name in 'My Account' > 'Company' > 'Contacts'. When in that contacts overview page you click on 'Action' > 'Reset Portal Password'.

After this step you will be redirected and a message will show up on the top of the screen showing that the new temporary password have been sent to all company administrators

This is to ensure fault-proof use of the function, so that when a client requests a password reset it is handled with high security standard and that it is done with compliance in mind. The client can now be notified in person by its manager with the new temporary password. The client is advised to change the password immediately.

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