Vault - InvestGlass Document Repository

The Vault - Document Repository is a fantastic place to store your documents. The document repository allows to store documents onto  Documents, Contacts, Transactions, Call Reports. Document Vault is available on the Advisor plans.  

Who has access to the Repository?

Any users with an Advisor plan can upload a document. From their portal, clients can also view documents from the Document page located in the navigation menu.

How do I access my Vault Document Repository?

You can access your Documents Vault simply go to My Account, then Company and then search in the left menu  for the Global Vault 

Then you can filter those documents thanks to powerful filters. 

Adding a document to your Repository

Link document to a Client 

Then you will find documents in the Vault tab. 

Link document to a Call Report 

Link document to a research 

Go to My Account, Company, Documents, Click on new Document then simply change the source to Upload File. 

Client visibility and Digital signature

You can share those documents into the Client Portal. Simply click on Contact Visibility - and select Visible mode. Document Approval process is just for information. 

Client can download documents from their portal. 

If you request : 

  • Admin access to Document Approval  
  • Client notification when new document is shared 
  • Digital signature 
  • "One time password" validation 

Please contact us via email contact@

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