To create a new transaction - you can find from the navigation bar shortcut New Transaction. 

Select the Client and Portfolio. You can also create a new portfolio from here. If you wish to create a transaction on a synchronized portfolio you should clone it first and then add the transaction or create a temporary buffer portoflio. 

Search a security from the search bar, then click on SELECT.

InvestGlass will randomly present securities , if you want to specify an asset class or more aspects, you have to click on More Filters.  

⚠️You can not find a security in the search bar? 

  1. Click on filters, and untick Compliance list
  2. If you still don't a security, create a custom security Read More

Here you can select asset classes, currencies, industries, and countries. Then click on Apply to search again. Click on the security, then click on Select.

Fill the transaction mask then click Save.

InvestGlass will automatically generate a transaction number. You also can use the option to create a Call Report. By default Yes, creating a call report will link this transaction to a call report. 

Once it is saved you click on Reload Portfolio Page if you wish to visualise the portfolio or Generate Confirmation email to copy and paste transaction information into an email. For DVP specific wording please contact us - contact

Email software is selected from your browser setup. 

You can later filter transaction from the Call Report Page (Navigation Menu) or from the Global Consolidation tool. 

  1. Go to My Account 
  2. Go to Company 
  3. Go to Global Consolidation 
  4. Click on Transaction 
  5. Click on Filter expend 
  6. Then insert the transaction number
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