In this guide, we touch on some of the most important features in your InvestGlass account that you can explore in your free 14-day trial, or when you are getting started with InvestGlass. You need administrator rights to set up your InvestGlass account.

Lesson 1: Getting around in InvestGlass

We encourage you to follow this roadmap : 

Lesson 1: Getting around in InvestGlass
Lesson 2 : Import Data
Lesson 3 : Configuring your sales pipeline
Lesson 4 : Invite team and set roles 

You can watch an overview video of InvestGlass  here:  Introduction to InvestGlass

Additional resources

Use these additional resources to help you get started with InvestGlass.

  • Videos : From youtube more
  • Attend a webinar: Join us for an Introduction to InvestGlass  demo with live Q&A. Learn more and sign up here. 

To chat with an InvestGlass representative simply click on the following icon : 

Lesson 2 : Import Data into InvestGlass

There are several options for adding your data into InvestGlass. These are some ideas:

  • Import data in bulk using a CSV (comma separated values) file
  • Manually add leads or contacts
  • Sync contacts directly from integrations such as Google, Outlook or Apple Cards.
  • Use the Lead Capture Form from your website to add new leads automatically
  • Use the Sell REST API for automation

Lesson 3 : Configuring your sales pipeline

Configure your sales process in InvestGlass by setting up your sales pipeline. Pipeline can be used for life cycle management ( contact and relations ) and also for items such as project or private equity. 

The sales pipeline is available from the Company page. Manage your sales process in pipeline stages that define your typical deal milestones. These stages help to organize and categorize your opportunities based on the progress you have made with each opportunity, and also have a direct impact on sales forecasting.
Here are some suggestions : 

  • How and where do you get leads?
  • Who is the first person to engage with a new lead?
  • Does anything need to happen before this initial outreach?
  • After initial contact with a prospect, what happens next?
  • Does a prospect work with multiple sales reps before becoming a customer? When does this pass-off occur?
  • When your reps have enough information to produce a quote?

Lesson 4 : Invite team and set roles 

You can invite other users / colleagues to join InvestGlass when you have admin role. Please consider the roles that your users will have in your InvestGlass - organization or company.

You can add new users from My Account Profile  > Company > Employees.

You need to have enough seats on your account to add new users.  See creating a new user for more information.

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