Trade Ticket

Trade tickets can be generated from a security. Simply go a security and there click on ACTION and select New Transaction. 

A modal box will open and there you can select the Pending stage. 

Pending trades will all be aggregated into your Company - Consolidation. Then you have two options. 

Option 1
The first one is to click on the portfolio where you aggregated this transaction 

 Then from Action button you can click on Generate a Trade Blotter. 

Option 2
You can go to your Company page, and find the Global Consolidation function on the left menu. 

Then you can download all pending transactions into a CSV file by clicking on Pending Transactions. 

Trade Blotter Format 

A master trade blotter aggregates child trade blotters. Trade blotters can be generated through model portfolio from Company or portfolio view.  

Format is standard but it can be changed to your prime broker or softwares such as Bloomberg DMA EMSX or QUO TradingScreen TradeWeb... Please contact us.

Via Model Portfolio 

Step 1 

Go to My Account, then go to My company 

Step 2 

Go to Strategy and Model portfolio, click on Model Portfolio

Step 3 

Select a Model Portfolio

Step 4 

Click on rebalance and generate trade blotter.

Via one Portfolio


Step 1 

Add a security to a portfolio and set it to Pending

Step 2

Click on Action and select trade blotter.

Step 3 

Select Pending or Full Trade blotter file generation. 

Step 4

Import your file into your order management system. For Quo - go to trade blotter then click on Import - upper right. 

For specific process, link to mail box or DVP please contact us as contact

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