InvestGlass offers branded investment proposal function. You can setup logo, colors and disclaimers from the Setup Master Template function in Company page. Would you request a bespoke format please contact us

InvestGlass covers three type of investment illustrations : 

Company Form
Specially made for discretionary portfolio mandate or fund sales which would like to present an 360° view of the fund underlying securities. To build a investment form illustration please create a Form from the company page. 

Single Security

Specially made for bankers, sales, brokers. From any security you can build an investment illustration. InvestGlass will extract from KYC, portfolio and key information to enforce suitability and appropriateness of your illustration. 

Step 1
Select a security. Click on Actions. and export PDF 

Step 2
Select a client
Select a portfolio
Check suitability and appropriateness information
Add you investment rationals
Then click on Export to generate a portfolio


Step 1
Select a portfolio and click on Export PDF in the Action menu

Step 2
Check Include Transactions History to add it to your report. 

Step 3
Check persuasion factors, write your investment rationales and click on Export to publish your PDF. Investutor will show you if your proposal is suitable. 

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